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Imagine 2023 The Year Where You Transform Your Physique Without Sacrificing Your Life, Without Losing Time With Family And Without Losing Yourself In The Process.

Online Personal Trainer
The fact that you've landed here means you care enough to be in the preparation stage to make a change and we are so proud of you!

This is your opportunity to show us WHY you are a great fit, you can arrange a call with our program expert to see if we can help you! We don't take ANYONE on to this team.. We take on dedicated men and women that are ready to do what it takes to fully regain the confidence, happiness , and health they deserve.
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We Provide Our Clients With A Unique And Tailored Approach To Ensure Your Success Including;

Kick Off Call
A call to establish your goals and tailored programs for individual needs.
Arrange of workout programs that suit all Lifestyles. 
Flexible and safe approach to nutrition.
Our coaches and online community are always at hand throughout the journey.
Changing exercises and programs to adapt to individual injuries and restrictions. Ensuring all exercises are performed correctly to avoid injury. 
Commitment to your journey through regular checkin's individualised feedback and regular one-to-one catch-ups with our coaches.
Motivating and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself.
Through the ups and downs of any health and fitness journey, we are committed to helping you through these challenging times.

Meet your body expert transformation Coach


Rosie Clarke

My name is Rosie Clarke, I’m the co-founder and online coach of Shaped Physique.

I understand that maximising time can be a struggle, but I want to support you in all aspects of your fitness journey.

I’m a true believer and example that investing your time in the most effective way possible, can accelerate you on the path to achieving your goals.

I’m a Brazilian Jiujitsu British Champion, European medallist and will be representing the UK for many competitions in 2023.

I work to a structured cross training programme which focuses on all elements that guarantee a healthy lifestyle, nutritional balance, and mental wellbeing.

Most recently, I decided to test my physical fitness and was selected to take part in Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins Series 8. Throughout the course, I was pushed to physical and mental limits but it’s without question, one of the most fulfilling challenges that I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

I’ve been competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu for 5 years and my proven success has come through a consistent fitness plan outside of my discipline.

I’m a Personal Trainer and Online Coach with a passion for transforming clients and delivering results. Everybody is different and through my own experience, understand that one plan doesn’t fit all.

I’m here to progress and support you through your training programme, which we tailor to your lifestyle and commitments. If you are looking lose weight, improve your general fitness, or build a sport enhancement and performance plan then I can help.
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