Fat / Weight Loss

Reducing body fat is what most people want to achieve, fat loss is more specific than weight loss. We can lose body fat by reducing calories similar to weight loss, but the quality of food we consume for fat loss is more important. We need to be more specific about our macronutrient intake, i.e protein, carbohydrates and fat intake. Fat loss cannot be achieved alone by a diet, a tailored exercise programme is required to build and preserve muscle. Most instances of weight loss arise due to the loss of body fat as we do not want to deplete any muscle.
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Tone Up

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To get toned, essentially you need to be cutting down your percentage of body fat and slightly building muscle mass to an extent you want. (Don't worry you won't become a bodybuilder). A lot of people jump straight into the myth that muscle turns to fat over time, or that you can turn fat into muscle, but that's not how it works. You can, however, do both at the same time to help with the right toning up plan, if you do it the right way.
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Build Muscle

Hypertrophy (Build Muscle) is an increase and growth of muscle cells. Hypertrophy refers to an increase in muscular size achieved through tailored resistance training (Periodization). When you work out, if you want to improve muscle definition, lifting weights correctly is the most common way to increase hypertrophy.
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Build Muscle

Increase Strength

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Physical strength is the measure of a human's exertion of force on a physical object basically how much weight you can move from A to B (increase in physical strength).
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Booty Builder

Providing shape to your buttocks - just like the biceps, you can train your glute muscles to become larger. When people talk about "booty gains" they're really referring to building their glutes.
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Online Coaching

Remote coaching with weekly checkins. Tailored Training Programme, Nutrition monitoring, Weekly check ins, Accountability and Support & Guidance.
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Nutrition Advice

When it comes to getting through a long workday, nutrition plays a key component in increasing or decreasing our energy levels. Food is fuel for the brain, so what we eat vastly impacts how we feel and function daily.
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