May 27, 2022

Best Weight Loss and Training Exercises

As a fully qualified personal trainer who has worked with a wide number of clients, I understand how meaningful it is for you to reach your fitness goals. I also understand that everyone’s fitness journey is different. Many of our clients who attend Shaped Physique Basingstoke both in person and online are looking for specific results when achieving their goals. Some of the goals we see most commonly include weight loss, muscle training and strength training, and our bespoke and tailored fitness programs provide the necessary exercises based upon the latest scientific research. 

Weight Training

For many of our clients, their main concern is their weight. No one likes to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, and going to a gym for some can be quite daunting. However, there are many excellent ways to achieve your weight loss goals without needing to enter a public gym!

Although a nutritional diet is essential for fat and weight loss, profitable results only occur when your diet is combined with a tailored exercise program. Here in our Baskingstoke based studio, we always recommend exercises within our client’s ability, and encourage them to exercise outside of our studio in their spare time when possible.

Here are some examples of exercises that are excellent for fat and weight loss:

  • Aerobic Training, e.g. walking, running and cycling
  • High Intensity Interval Training, e.g. planks, sprints & squats for a short, but intense period of time 
  • Yoga - a gentle exercise great for beginners

Strength Training 

More and more of our clients are now coming to us for our bespoke strength training programs and professional support and advice. Many clients who come to us want to feel stronger, confident and more empowered both physically and mentally. However, approaching the weights section at a gym can often feel uncomfortable, and our clients often say they don’t know where to start when it comes to strength training. 

For strength training, we often recommend the following exercises:

  • Deadlifts - can be done with or without dumbbells
  • Squats - can be done with or without dumbbells
  • Pushups/Pullups 
  • Planks (helps improve core strength)

All of these exercises can be performed both in the gym and at home, making it extremely easy to maintain your strength training on-the-go.

However it is extremely important to note that you should always take care whilst doing any exercise, and perform them correctly. If you are unsure of how to do an exercise, or haven’t been shown by a trained professional- then do not do it.

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For more information about our bespoke personal training services here in Basingstoke, please refer to our dedicated Services Page, or contact us today.

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